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Life After Anxiety and Depression With George Riddell

July 24, 2020

To wrap up our series on anxiety and depression, we are joined by Pastor George Riddell. We hope that this conversation is both helpful and hopeful as we hear from Pastor Riddell about his personal battles with anxiety and depression.




0:16 Pastor Riddell's Testimony


12:51 Is there life after anxiety and depression?


15:53 Can a Christian really be depressed?


19:37 What does it look like to live with depression?


23:27 Are there certain things that trigger anxiety or depression?


26:25 What does it mean when the Bible says that we are body, soul, and spirit?


28:03 Can a person’s emotional wellbeing affect their spiritual wellbeing?


31:40 What are physical contributors to anxiety and depression?


37:40 How do you use accountability to keep yourself healthy?


39:44 Is it wrong to seek medical solutions for mental needs?


48:30 What are spiritual contributors to anxiety and depression?


56:47 What helps you stay alert to the battle with anxiety and depression?

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