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The Effects of Anxiety and Depression With Harley Snode

July 23, 2020

Pastors Jeremy Rands and Harley Snode discuss the effects of anxiety and depression on an individual and their loved ones. Harley Snode is the Senior Pastor of North Life Baptist Church in Wooster, OH.




4:30 Why do you believe that we should talk about depression and anxiety?


9:38 How do we remove stigmas surrounding mental health?


15:45 How should Christians process misguided assumptions about mental health?


25:30 What causes anxiety?


34:00 What are unhealthy ways to process anxiety?


37:20 What help is available for people with anxiety?


40:00 What are the foundations and differences between anxiety and depression?


45:05 How can someone keep depression from defining their life?


48:35 How can someone battling depression find help?


50:11 How can someone help a loved one battling anxiety or depression?


55:25 What would you tell someone who is having a difficult time expressing their need for help?


1:00:50 What role does Scripture play in our recovery process?


Recommended Resources


Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure by Robert Kellemen


Depression: The Sun Always Rises by Margaret Ashmore


Depression: The Way Up When You Are Down by Ed Welch 

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